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I am in Python and have a Pandas dataframe called Office_RX.

I am connected to mysql via pymysql.

conn = pymysql.connect(host='127....', port=3306, user='root', passwd='', db='ABCD')
c = conn.cursor()

I want to write the Office_RX dataframe back into the MYSQL db I am connected to.

I am using this code:

sql.write_frame(Office_RX, conn=conn, name='Office_RX', if_exists='replace', flavor='mysql')

But I get the error: TypeError: write_frame() takes at least 3 arguments (4 given)

Can tell what I am doing wrong. Suggestions?

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The argument in write_frame is con rather than conn:

sql.write_frame(Office_RX, con=conn, name='Office_RX', if_exists='replace', flavor='mysql')

This function accepts **kwargs, hence the vaguely cryptic error message.

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Nice catch! Thought about older (0.9 and earlier) versions usage –  alko Nov 25 '13 at 23:52
@alko I've seen this confusing python error message before, and thought: "I've passed 4... why are you complaining I need at least 3... arrgh!" –  Andy Hayden Nov 25 '13 at 23:55

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