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What I really need here is some general advice on getting started rather than an answer to a specific question.

I'll start by saying that it's a homework task so unfortunately there isn't much room for flexibility in the approach - what I need to do is create a PHP form that takes data that'll be used to generate a car insurance quote (so driver details, vehicle details, etc...) and then communicate this data to a Ruby on Rails application using a REST API that then generates a quote and returns it to the PHP page.

I've already written the PHP form - that's no biggie.

But I'm having a lot of trouble even getting started with writing the REST API with Ruby on Rails. Namely, I can't find any sort of tutorial that provides information on how one might receive data from the PHP form using a Rails REST API and then send data back.

Can anybody give me some advice or link me to a page explaining how I might communicate the data between the two applications and then reference that data in the REST API (i.e, a line of code that will retrieve data from a text field called 'name' in the PHP form and assign it to a variable in Ruby for example)? I feel like once I've got that down writing the rest of the API shouldn't be too difficult.

I realise this is a very broad and general question but any help that anybody can offer will be much appreciated.

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Ok, in fact to make app communicate, you have to send data back and forth in an appropriate format. Let's say json.

To return json from a Rails app, with let's say a Data model, you could have something like that :

class DataController < ApplicationController

 respond_to :json
  # this responds to a POST call, so configure your route in the correct manner

  def control_data
    ...your code
    respond_with do |format|
      format.json { render json: @datas }

So what you can do is make a POST request (or even a GET request with data encoded in the url, but this is not safe) sending your php datas, treat this data in the control_data method and then sending back some json.

If you want to turn your Rails app into a pure API, you can use some gem rails-api. See this railscast

Btw, to make a POST request from php, you can use cURL

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