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If i add a relationship to my user entity in The IdentityFramewrk Code first model, is it possible to easily navigate the Controller.User's relationship from within a Controller's Action.

i.e. When debugging my controllers user property doesn't appear to have navigable properties? Do i need to cast it to something or is there a property which has the ID (Guid) which i then user to find my custom IdentityUser Object?


public class Customer : IdentityUser
        public string HomeTown { get; set; }
        public ICollection<Order> Orders{ get; set; }


 public ActionResult Index()

        return View();
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You can use the User object to look up the current user's Id. Then you can use your UserManager to retrieve the actual domain object.

For example:

var userId = User.Identity.GetUserId();
var user = _userManager.FindById(userId);
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