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Hi i've been trying to search for a fix to this but i cant find one. All im trying to do is update my perl modules using

cpan[1]> upgrade

How ever i get the following error.

Catching error: "CPAN::Exception::yaml_process_error=HASH(0x7fd8f39971f8)" at/Library/Perl/Updates/5.16.2/ line 392.
        CPAN::shell() called at /Library/Perl/Updates/5.16.2/App/ line 338
        App::Cpan::_process_options('App::Cpan') called at /Library/Perl/Updates/5.16.2/App/ line 421
        App::Cpan::run('App::Cpan') called at /usr/bin/cpan5.16 line 12

Could someone please help me with this?

Thank you.

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What's the output of o conf yaml_module in the CPAN shell? Is this YAML module installed and working? –  Slaven Rezic Nov 26 '13 at 9:34
Can you give us the entire session output as well as the versions of perl, etc? –  brian d foy Nov 26 '13 at 14:23

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you can use o conf yaml_module to get the yaml config, maybe like this:

yaml_module        [YAML::XS]

we can use other alternate yaml modules, like YAML, YAML::Sync. In my case, YAML can't process the report file well, so I use YAML::XS. You can use o conf yaml_module MODULE to set anyone you like.

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