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I've seen the reports on the internet about duplicate android ids (eg. Is there a unique Android device ID? ). They're mostly from 2010, with a couple of updates saying it was still broken in 2011. But what's happened since then? Are there still a lot of devices out there with duplicate IDs, or did OS updates fix them?

(side note: yes, there are other options, like the serial number and telephony id, but there are also reports of those values being unreliable.)

I only need to support 4.0+ (api 15), so if the problem is guaranteed to be fixed there I will be very happy. :)

UPDATE: I found which strongly suggests that devices shipped with >=2.3 are fine, but what about devices shipped with 2.2 and then upgraded? And what about the reports that phones were still broken in 2011 - possibly after 2.3 was released? I hope that those reports were just un-upgraded phones, but I want to be sure.

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It is not unreliable per se, the bug that plauged 2.2 is no more.


In short, it is reliable, but there will be still some minor instances where you will have issues, specially with cheap devices.

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is correct, your use of ANDROID_ID will be dependent on what risk is acceptable for duplicate IDs. In my case, there was no room for risk and we ended up seeding installed devices on login. – CodeMonkey Nov 26 '13 at 4:22

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