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This question already has an answer here:

if have a Type, using Mirrors can get the Type name. inversely, given a Type's name, how do you get the Type?

for example, from a Dart-centric version of Angular:


<form ng-controller='word?reset=true' >


class Controller {
  Controller( Brando brando, Element elem, Map args ) { ... }
class Word extends Controller { ... }
class LangList extends Controller { ... }

// Brando, the godfather
class Brando {
  void compile( Element el ) {
    // add controller
    if( el.attributes.contains( 'ng-controller' ) {
      var name = el.attributes.getTypeName();  &lt;== "Word"
      var args = el.attributes.getTypeArgs();  &lt;== { 'reset': 'true' }
      var type = &lt;get type from camelized Type name&gt;  &lt;=== how??
      this.controllers.add( reflectClass(type).newInstance(
         const Symbol(''), [this,el,args]).reflectee );  &lt;=== instance from type

know how to get name of Type, how to get Type from class and Object, and know how to instantiate a Type. missing final piece - how do you derive the Type from its name?

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Note: The mirror API is `unstable', so this answer may change over time. *Note: This may (will) bloat your generated javascript see:*

import 'dart:mirrors';
class Bar {

ClassMirror findClassMirror(String name) {
  for (var lib in currentMirrorSystem().libraries.values) {
    var mirror = lib.declarations[MirrorSystem.getSymbol(name)];
    if (mirror != null) return mirror;
  throw new ArgumentError("Class $name does not exist");

void main() {
  ClassMirror mirror = findClassMirror("Bar");
  print("mirror: $mirror");


mirror: ClassMirror on 'Bar'

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