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I can detect the frequence of 8 bits stored PCM audio in Goertzel algorithm, C language. Now I want to detect 16 bits stored PCM audio, C language as well. But when I change the code to 16 bits I found it not work well as 8 bits one. I'm not very familiar with this Goertzel and many years not touched FFS something like that. Is there someone share some code/link or info to help implement this 16 bits one in C language? Thank you very much.

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Welcome to Stack Overflow. What have you got? I wonder if you could post your working 8-bit code and not quite working 16-bit code for people to look at. Otherwise, have you tried searching the internet for sample code for your purpose. – FooF Nov 26 '13 at 6:10
Hi FooF, thanks. I'm referring the code here to implement my 16-bit detection. But unfortunately, no output after changed input from 8-bit(unsign char) to 16-bit(short), which means detecting wrong. Can you please help to judge this program can work for 16-bit or not? Thank you. – Progress Dec 3 '13 at 19:44
You could try make the unsigned char that is used for PCM data a typedef, have a conditional code to switch between unsigned char and short (or better still, use #include <stdint.h> and int8_t and int16_t if your C compiler is new enough). This way the transition is easier to manage - the same source code with different typedef produces 8-bit or 16-bit PCM support. It allows perhaps easier to see where something does not go well (integer arithmetic). – FooF Dec 4 '13 at 8:10

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