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I am having table "business" as bellow

enter image description here

I want to fetch the record order by type in custom order. So I wrote the query like SELECT * FROM business ORDER BY FIELD (type, 'type3', 'type2', 'type10')

but what happen is other types comes up in order and the given order becomes at last. The given order should be at top and then other records. Above query returns the result as bellow. enter image description here

How to bring the type3, type2 and type10 at top in order.

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So that will be:

  `type` IN ('type3', 'type2', 'type10'),
  FIELD (`type`, 'type3', 'type2', 'type10')
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Try below:

  CASE `type`
    WHEN 'type3' THEN 1
    WHEN 'type2' THEN 2
    WHEN 'type10' THEN 3
    ELSE 4
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To see the selective data in top of the result set using field function you have to use either ASC or DESC on these set of values. Else the default result will be returned. Yours is an example of it.

You can try with

ORDER BY FIELD (type, 'type3', 'type2', 'type10') DESC

to see the results as


How to bring the type3, type2 and type10 at top in order

Using ASC will result


The input order of data to the function Field is the priority for display when used with ASC or DESC. Else the result would be default.

These fields I do not have given in query

They sure will be in resultset unless you specify a WHERE condition. FIELD function is not an alias to WHERE clause.

Refer to:

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