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I am using keyword driven approach using Selenium WebDriver. I am planning to do load testing using opensource tool like JMeter.
Is JMeter good tool for load testing? Is it good idea to integrate JMeter with Selenium? I want to know pros and cons about this idea. Give me the better approach for load testing tools to integrate with Selenium and process of integrating JMeter with Selenium.

Thanks in advance.

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Yes, JMeter is an awesome tool for load testing. Using selenium within JMeter is possible, but you're not going to be able to create large load with thousands of users.

The pros and cons of using selenium within JMeter is too broad a question to answer on SO, but here are a few links with the specifics of how to do this:


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I framework is keyworddriven framework i will run the mutiple machines.is it necessary to install jmeter in every macxhine or any alternate solution like setting path for jmeter libs etc –  user3016945 Dec 1 '13 at 13:10
Ophir..Thanks for valueable information. I download all file but I am not able to Webdriver sampler option could you please help if i did any wrong –  user3016945 Dec 1 '13 at 18:35
@Ophir Prusak: The links you have provided are helpful –  Ripon Al Wasim Mar 27 at 6:24
In my opinion, Selenium tests with Jmeter should NOT be attempted unless you are piping commands through a Selenium Grid. One caveat example: I use PhantomJS (in a setup step) to get a website cookie that I can use for further HttpClient API test calls in my main JMeter suite. –  djangofan Mar 28 at 20:46
@djangofan why do you think using JMeter webdriver plugin should not be attempted? My selenium knowledge is pretty basic. Can you use selenium grid to run a performance test? Does it have response time graphing capabilities? We have clients that are running ~100 browsers in parallel for small scale load testing, though I agree that it's only good for a small number of clients (less than 500). –  Ophir Prusak Apr 1 at 12:53

I have also integrated Selenium WebDriver with JMeter but using the Java Request instead of the WebDriver Sampler. Build your automation into java classes as specified on the Selenium page then add a JMeter client by extending JMeter AbstractJavaSamplerClient and allow it to pass in arguments received from JMeter into the Selenium java jar. This is not suitable for heavy load testing as it moves more processing to the client side however it allows you to re-use the Selenium java tests from junit, jmeter or the command line. For projects that have lengthy workflows these can be used by developers to load data into an environment, by testers as a regression test and by developers for a performance test. For more granular timings you can store metrics in a DB from within the java request.

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