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I'm developping an application for Mac with 3rd party frameworks. So I can not assume that these frameworks are installed. I deliver that frameworks with my app bundle and adjust the paths with install_name_tool. This already works fine if the frameworks are not installed previously.. If the frameworks are installed I got an error message:

    Class *AClassINeed* is implemented in both
    One of the two will be used. Which one is undefined.

How can I force my app to use the local framework? My app can run without installations, so setting an envrionment variable is not the way I can use. Should I set some options in XCode? Please note: I have to use relative paths because I can't be sure where my app runs.

Thanks for your help

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I located the problem: Everything works fine, but the framework loads some plugins which loads the framework from /Library/Frameworks folder - my app will crash (I used "export DYLD_PRINT_LIBRARIES=1" and run my app from terminal) So my new question is: can I force my whole app to use the local framework? I don't know when the framework loads the plugins or how much, so it can be very anoying to use install_name_tool to adjust every single plugin... – plettix Nov 26 '13 at 12:01
Here is the solution: do it yourself on every file or use a tool which does it for you (maybe from the company that releases the framework) – plettix Dec 11 '13 at 13:22

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