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I can connect with a user who has permissions to set passwords. I'm able to change attributes, but I can't set the password.

Found some instructions to set the attribute unicodePwd to \UNC:"*password*", but it says:

Error: Modify: Unwilling To Perform. <53>

Setting LDAP_OPT_ENCRYPT to 1 didn't work either. The port I'm using is 389.

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You should set attribute userpassword.

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To set unicodePwd directly using ldp.exe set LDAP_OPT_ENCRYPT = 1 to bind with an encrypted channel and use this syntax:


The \UNI: and the quotes are very important as the password must be passed in Unicode and the quotes are used by the system to delimit the password.

You also need Reset Password permission if you want to replace the existing password and Change Password permissions to do a remove and add operation.

From here:

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