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I want to filter my store with a Month value:

//On clicking the Last Six Months period button
onLsmClick: function () {
    var chart = Ext.widget('drawchart');
    var chartStore = this.getGraphDataStore();

        filterFn: function (item) {
            return (item.get('Month') >= ?????  && (item.get('Month') < ?????)
    chartStore.sync = true;
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//Finding right month
       var index = chart
       return record.getData().Month >= ???? && record.getData().Month < ????;

//Finding last 6 records
var count = chartStore.getCount();
       var index = chartStore.find('Month', record.month, 0, false, true, true); //Get current index of record based on month
       return index >= count - 6;

Refer to this link in the docs!/api/

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Thanks but I'm actually stuck on how to get the last six months of my store... – salamey Nov 26 '13 at 12:17

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