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I am trying to build an example program which uses WinPcap-functions. I’m working under Windows 7 64 Bit edition with MinGW. I am able to compile the C-code to an object file, but I can’t link against wpcap.lib. My linker call looks like this:

gcc -L ../../lib/x64 send_packet.o -lwpcap -o WinPcapTest.exe

With this call I get the following errors:

undefined reference to pcap_open

undefined reference to pcap_sendpacket

undefined reference to pcap_geterr

Obviously I am not linking against wpcap.lib, but I don’t know why. The library is definitely found. If I change the lib include path for example, I get this error:

cannot find -lwpcap

Why does the linker find the lib but does not link against it? Thanks for your help.

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Does this gcc -L ../../lib/x64 send_packet.o -lwpcap -o WinPcapTest.exe reflect the real command you issue to build the executable giving you the error mentioned in your question, especially in terms of the order of the arguments? – alk Nov 26 '13 at 10:59
Yes. I only shortend the library include path for better readability. The real command looks like this: gcc -L ..\..\..\Downloads\WpdPack_4_1_2\WpdPack\Lib\x64 send_packet.o -lwpcap -o WinPcapTest.exe – user3035952 Nov 26 '13 at 11:09
I also tried the combined compiler and linker call: gcc -I ..\..\..\Downloads\WpdPack_4_1_2\WpdPack\Include ..\send_packet.c -L ..\..\..\Downloads\WpdPack_4_1_2\WpdPack\Lib\x64 -lwpcap -O0 -g3 -Wall -o WinPcapTest.exe and got the same result. – user3035952 Nov 26 '13 at 11:18

Try listing you libraries after binary definition. As far as I remember, with provided gcc command, ld would be symbol matching for pcap symbols between send_packet.o and libwpcap.lib but not with WinPcapTest.exe. I would suggest moving -lwpcap at the end:

gcc -I ..\..\..\Downloads\WpdPack_4_1_2\WpdPack\Include ..\send_packet.c -L ..\..\..\Downloads\WpdPack_4_1_2\WpdPack\Lib\x64 -O0 -g3 -Wall -o WinPcapTest.exe -lwpcap
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