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I have two frames of the same Emacs instance (got them by C-x 5 2) and a file opened in one of these frames. Then I try to show this file in a buffer in another frame (by C-x b) and nothing happens.

Actually, I think it shows this file in a buffer in the first frame, but this is not what I want it to do. I want it to show this buffer in both frames.

When there is only one frame and some windows in it, opening one buffer in different windows is no problem. I want the same behaviour but with several frames.

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Assuming that you want Buffer A to display in Frame Number 2, I have the following questions: If you are in Frame Number 1 looking at Buffer A, do you want to switch focus to Frame Number 2 with focus on Buffer A? Or, would you prefer that focus remain in Frame Number 1 with focus on Buffer A? Also, am I assuming correctly that you begin with focus on Buffer A in Frame Number 1; or do you initially have focus on another buffer in Frame Number 1 (e.g., Buffer B, C, D, etc.)? Did you already try switch-to-buffer-other-frame; and, if so, how does that behavior differ from your goal? –  lawlist Nov 26 '13 at 15:56

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Most likely you are using iswitch, as what you describe is its default behavior.

You can change it by doing M-x customize-variable RET iswitchb-default-method. probably you want to choose option samewindow

The ido equivalent variable , in case you are using it, is ido-default-buffer-method (ido defaults to raise-frame, that does not match with your observed behavior).

You may find if you are using one or the other using the way @Olaf describes.

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Thanks! That's exactly my issue. I use ido, and after I changed ido-default-buffer-method to Show in selected window instead of Raise frame if already shown all works as I want. –  krvkir Nov 30 '13 at 19:41

Maybe, you have C-x b redefined. I have the same behaviour with iswitch-buffer. But when I enter M-x switch-to-buffer, it shows the buffer in the second window.

You can find out, which command is executed with C-h c C-x b.

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Yes, that's right, C-x b is defined to iswitch-buffer. –  krvkir Nov 30 '13 at 19:42

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