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i have two tables history and jobs my history table contains

> db.history.find()
{ "id" : "21", "browser" : "FF","os" : "Windows" "datetime" : "2013-11-26 17:04:21", "_id" : ObjectId("5294873d6b441e2c16000002") }

{ "_id" : ObjectId("5289c147db9ed2b022f95a36"),  "id" : "21", "launch" : "ertret", "names" : "234",  "script" : "art-pagination" }

From the above two tables i need to get browser, launch, script and os by using common id: 21 How it is possible.

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It's not named table, but collection in MongoDB =P –  Anders Östman Feb 4 at 23:27

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You can do it by using following two queries. It is not possible to get it with single query.

> db.history.find({'id':21}, {'browser':1, 'os':1})

> db.jobs.find({'id':21}, {'launch':1,'script':1 })
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