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I have written some C code to access ffmpeg and wrapped it in a C++/CLI (.NET managed) class. The program fetches a live video stream and extracts frames and converts them to PNG files.

Unfortunately the images that are saved to disk are always black (opening them in Notepad++ shows that they are full of nulls).

I am using the assemblies aformat/codec-55.dll and the development headers and libs for compilation from ffmpeg-20131120-git-e502783-win64-dev. The whole project is compiled using Managed C++ (Cpp/cli) .NET 4.0 for 64-bit.

After some investigation the problem appears to be that av_read_frame fills the AVPacket->size value correctly, but the AVPAcket->data is always null. When the frame is finished (got==1) then the data for the AVFrame is just a matrix of nulls. :(

Here is the code: Example code (sorry, but it didnt paste well into SO)

I think the problem is at line 34 when the packet is returned like so: size is set but data is empty

Please, how can I get this to work? What have I done wrong?

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Your is not NULL, it's just the first byte is '\0'. So probably you should check's contnet first, and then check frame, then check rgbFrame, and last check outPacket, to see at which step the content becomes invalid. – Mine Dec 10 '13 at 7:21
Have you tried initializing pkt first? E.g. AVPacket pkt = {0};. At present it could be filled with junk on the call to av_read_frame – Steve Dec 10 '13 at 12:08
The packet may be correct, if the first of the 143 content bytes is a '\0'. Did you try to record all the video frames? It may be that the first frame of your video is really a black frame. – biskitt Dec 11 '13 at 8:21

Decoding part seems fine to me. I am not so sure about the encoding & saving to PNG. Why don't you try to just dump (frame->linesize*frame->height) bytes from frame->data to disk with fwrite and have a look to it with Irfanview (for instance)?

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