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I'm trying to create a SOAP web services using Spyne. Based on the simple Hello example, I want to create 2 different services:

from spyne.application import Application
from spyne.protocol.soap import Soap11
from spyne.server.wsgi import WsgiApplication

from spyne.decorator import rpc
from spyne.service import ServiceBase
from spyne.model.complex import Iterable
from spyne.model.primitive import Unicode

class HelloWorldService(ServiceBase):
    @rpc(Unicode, _returns=Iterable(Unicode))
    def say_hello(ctx, name):
        return [u'Hello, %s' % name]

class HelloWorldService1(ServiceBase):
    @rpc(Unicode, _returns=Iterable(Unicode))
    def say_hello1(ctx, name):
        return [u'Hello, %s' % name]

if __name__=='__main__':
    from wsgiref.simple_server import make_server

    application = Application([HelloWorldService, HelloWorldService1],
    wsgi_application = WsgiApplication(application)

    server = make_server('', 8000, wsgi_application)

However, when I try to consume those services using suds:

from suds.client import Client
client = Client('http://localhost:8000/?wsdl')
print client

There is only one service available:

Service ( HelloWorldService ) tns="spyne.examples.hello.soap"
   Prefixes (1)
      ns0 = "spyne.examples.hello.soap"
   Ports (1):
         Methods (1):
            say_hello(xs:string name, xs:integer times, )
         Types (3):

So, I wonder if there is anything that I missed. Moreover, if it is possible, can anyone tell me how to create multiple services, each of which has its own wsdl file, in Spyne.

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Your code is correct and would show both say_hello and say_hello1 methods. Maybe you should try again after clearing your client's wsdl cache.

You can look at the actual wsdl document by visiting http://localhost:8000/?wsdl in your browser.

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You're right, my service client seemed to keep the copy of old service, problem was solved after I cleared its cache. –  Long Thai Nov 28 '13 at 22:41

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