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I've got a little bit of an issue with the status bar for iOS7, iPhone 4 and up. Since my app's background is dark, I need the status bar to be white, which looks fine. However, when minimizing the app, waiting a few seconds and going back into the app, it slightly flashes from full white to darker white back to full white within a period of less than half a second.

You can reproduce this by simply creating an empty new XCode project, setting the statusbar to white (see below how I did that), then running the app on simulator or device, minimizing it and maximizing it again.

Things tried: UIViewController-based appearance with:

- (UIStatusBarStyle)preferredStatusBarStyle
    return UIStatusBarStyleLightContent;


- (UIStatusBarAnimation)preferredStatusBarUpdateAnimation {

    return UIStatusBarAnimationNone;

And view controller-based status bar appearance set to NO in the PLIST, with also: Transparent black style (alpha of 0.5)

Status bar is initially hidden set to NO in both situations.

Is this something out of my programmatic control?

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