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I am using breeze (version: "1.4.2", metadataVersion: "1.0.5") and have defined a self referencing entity type called Role. The application queries a web service for a list of roles which returns an array of items in a flat structure. These items are then used to create the role entities. I have defined two navigational properties Parent and Child that are used to build a tree structure from these elements.

Breeze is able to parse these items and setup the relationships. However, there are instances where if a parent has not been defined before a child element, the relationship is not created. If I have a look at the entities that have been created, all the entities are there and they have all the correct properties and values have been set.

Note: If I order the items so that parent items are always created first, everything works fine. However I don't believe I need to be doing this.

Is there something I am missing which causes the relationships to not be established correctly every time with a random list ordering?

Breeze Config

var dataService = new breeze.DataService(
     serviceName: ... + '/breeze',
     hasServerMetadata: false

var manager = new breeze.EntityManager({ 
    dataService: dataService

var metadataStore = manager.metadataStore;

My role definition:

    shortName: 'Role',
    namespace: '68e46ee6-e08c-4877-a1fc-62458244834d',
    autoGeneratedKeyType: AutoGeneratedKeyType.KeyGenerator,
    dataProperties: {
        'ID': { dataType: breeze.DataType.Guid, isNullable: false, isPartOfKey: true },
        'Name': { dataType: breeze.DataType.String, isNullable: false, isPartOfKey: false },
        'ParentRoleID': { dataType: breeze.DataType.String, isNullable: false, isPartOfKey: false },
    navigationProperties: {
        'Parent': {
            entityTypeName: 'Role:#68e46ee6-e08c-4877-a1fc-62458244834d',
            foreignKeyNames: ['ParentRoleID'],
            isScalar:  true                 
        'Children': {
            entityTypeName: 'Role:#68e46ee6-e08c-4877-a1fc-62458244834d',
            isScalar:  false                

Let me know if I need to provide any further information.

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How would you expect Breeze to create a navigation property to an entity that does not yet exist? –  PW Kad Nov 26 '13 at 16:37
At the moment it appears to be working. If I provide the same data repeatedly it creates the links and works correctly, however there are random instance in which it doesnt. –  arcidor Nov 27 '13 at 18:59

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