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I am writing my own javax.swing.ListModel<E>:

class Category(...)
class CategoryListModel extends javax.swing.ListModel[Category] {
    // not shown: ListModel[Category] interface methods implemented here

However, when I try to set the list model with:

val myList: JList = ...
myList.setModel(new CategoryListModel)

The compiler gives me this error:

type mismatch;
 found   : CategoryListModel
 required: javax.swing.ListModel[?0] where type ?0
     myList.setModel(new CategoryListModel)

I thought CategoryListModel did implement ListModel[Category]??? I am trying to learn Scala by practicing using it lately, but I don't know how to interperet this error.

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Okay, so the error was originating in the fact that my JList did not have a type parameter specified (it was generated by a GUI builder). I changed the declaration to:

JList<Category> // this particular file is a Java file

Now everything works.

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