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I'm trying to incorporate the program TOPCAT (which has really amazing plotting capabilities) into a python script I have written. The problem is that when I make a call to the program it tells me:

OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory

Here's some background to the problem:

1) The way I usually open up topcat through the command line is through the alias I have created:

alias topcat='java -jar /home/username/topcat/topcat-full.jar'

2) If I'd like to open TOPCAT with a file in mind (let's use a csv file since that's what I'd like it to work with), I would type this into the command line:

topcat -f csv /home/username/path_to_csv_file/file.csv

And that also works just fine. The problem comes about when I try to call these commands while in my python script. I've tried both subprocess.call and os.system, and they don't seem to know of the existence of the topcat alias for some reason. Even doing a simple call like:

import subprocess

doesn't work... However, I can get topcat to open if I run this:

import subprocess

The problem with this is that it simply opens the program, and doesn't allow for me to tell it which file to take in and what type it happens to be.

Could somebody tell me what I'm doing incorrectly here? I've also looked into the shell=True option and it doesn't seem to be doing any better.

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Okay - so I'm really excited that figured it out. What worked before was:

import subprocess

It turns out it can take more command line arguments. This is what eventually got it open up with the correct comma separated file through the command line:

import subprocess

Hopefully this is enough information to help other people who come across this specific task.

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