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What I am trying to do is auto fill some labels that have been placed on the form with some sql data when a selection is made as seen here.

protected void ddlMedication_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
    string strMedTypeID = lblMedType.Text;
    string strMedName = ddlMedication.SelectedValue;
    using (SqlConnection conn1 = new
            SqlCommand cmd1 = new SqlCommand(@"SELECT DISTINCT [num], [MedType_ID], [MedName], [MedMin], [MedMax], [ChargingNumber] 
                                               FROM [pharm_medications] WHERE [MedType_ID] = '@MedTypeID' AND [MedName] = '@MedName'", conn1);

            var reader3 = cmd1.ExecuteReader();
            int myNum = reader3.GetInt32(0);
            string strMedTypeID = reader3.GetString(1);
            string strMyMedName = reader3.GetString(2);
            string strMedMin = reader3.GetString(3);
            string strMedMax = reader3.GetString(4);
            string strChargingNumber = reader3.GetString(5);
            lblAutoMin.Text = strMedMin;
            lblAutoMax.Text = strMedMax;
            lblAutoChargeNum.Text = strChargingNumber;


When I set the control's AutoPostBack to true I get this as an error: Conversion failed when converting the varchar value '@MedTypeID' to data type int. Where am I going wrong?

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Remove single quotes around your parameters in WHERE clause


WHERE [MedType_ID] = '@MedTypeID' AND [MedName] = '@MedName'

Should be:

WHERE [MedType_ID] = @MedTypeID AND [MedName] = @MedName

So your query would be:

SqlCommand cmd1 = new SqlCommand(@"SELECT DISTINCT [num], [MedType_ID], [MedName],
                     [MedMin], [MedMax], [ChargingNumber] FROM [pharm_medications] 
                     WHERE [MedType_ID] = @MedTypeID AND [MedName] = @MedName", conn1);

Consider enclosing your command object in using statement as well.

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I thought it was enclosed....the usings } does not end until after all of the GetStrings –  Skullomania Nov 26 '13 at 17:10
@Skullomania, only your connection is enclosed in using statement. –  Habib Nov 26 '13 at 17:59

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