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I have nested routes on my site for Sections and Pages.

  resources :sections do
    resources :pages

This is a sample URL:


I don't like the name 'sections', and would prefer 'chapters'.


I assume re-naming the model would be to complicated, so how can I just re-name the route easily?

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Pass your desired URL segment name as the value to the path argument:

resources :sections, :path => :chapters do
  resources :pages

This results the the following routes:

           section_pages GET    /chapters/:section_id/pages(.:format)          pages#index
                          POST   /chapters/:section_id/pages(.:format)          pages#create
         new_section_page GET    /chapters/:section_id/pages/new(.:format)      pages#new
        edit_section_page GET    /chapters/:section_id/pages/:id/edit(.:format) pages#edit
             section_page GET    /chapters/:section_id/pages/:id(.:format)      pages#show
                          PUT    /chapters/:section_id/pages/:id(.:format)      pages#update
                          DELETE /chapters/:section_id/pages/:id(.:format)      pages#destroy
                 sections GET    /chapters(.:format)                            sections#index
                          POST   /chapters(.:format)                            sections#create
              new_section GET    /chapters/new(.:format)                        sections#new
             edit_section GET    /chapters/:id/edit(.:format)                   sections#edit
                  section GET    /chapters/:id(.:format)                        sections#show
                          PUT    /chapters/:id(.:format)                        sections#update
                          DELETE /chapters/:id(.:format)                        sections#destroy
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How does that fit with the nested routes block? –  am-rails Nov 26 '13 at 17:16
The nested relationship remains the same. Declare it as you would normally. –  zeantsoi Nov 26 '13 at 17:18
OK thanks. if I wanted to redirect the old paths to the new ones, can I just use get '/sections', to: redirect('/chapters') or I need something more to handle the nested routes? –  am-rails Nov 26 '13 at 17:22
Actually, if you look at the routes being output, you'll notice that the named routes actually remain the same. Thus, any references you already have to paths named sections will automatically be routed to your updated routes. You don't need to declare any other routes to get your existing paths/links rerouted. –  zeantsoi Nov 26 '13 at 17:25
But what about hard-coded URLs, either on my site or elsewhere? I want them to redirect to the new modules paths. –  am-rails Nov 26 '13 at 17:29

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