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I am learning to build a package for R. Now to set it up I need to run some code when the package is being loaded via require(myPackage).

I read the documentation on help(".onLoad") that just made me really confused as there is no example. How do I actually use .onLoad?

Can someone please show me a simple example? For example I know export(myfun) in the NAMESPACE file will export myfun for use, what is the code that I need to run say rnorm(10) at package load?

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There is usually a "processing function" (traditionally called zzz.R) with tasks to be performed when the package is loaded, such as loading libraries and compiled code. For example you can create a zzz.R file where you create this function:

.onLoad <- function(libname, pkgname){
  x <- rnorm(10)   ## dummy example 
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