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I have a bunch of alias declarations, functions, PATH additions, etc., in my .bash_profile file in my home directory. I also use PBS (torque) scheduling system. Normally, everything works fine and I can access my aliases from bash. However, when I submit a job, my aliases aren't getting loaded.

I thought maybe the .bash_profile file wasn't getting loaded when the job begins running, so in my job script I included a ~/.bash_profile statement, and I can confirm that the file is being accessed by including a little echo Testing! statement, but still my aliases aren't working.

Here is an example of my .bash_profile:

alias tester='echo this is a test'
echo File was accessed!

Here is an example of my job script commands.sub:


However, I invariably get this output:

tester: command not found
File was accessed!

Can anyone please provide me some advice for getting this working?! Thanks!

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Aliases are intended for interactive use, and by default alias expansion does not occur in non-interactive shells. You could add

shopt -s expand_aliases

to the beginning of any script where you want to use any defined aliases.

However, I wouldn't recommend this. Since an alias could expand to anything, it's safer to limit command definitions to in-script definitions or explicitly sourced files.

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