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In my Android App, I have a number of Activities/Fragments, whose content is loaded using Loaders containing HTTP requests. Today, I stumbled over android-async-http, which seems to be suited very well for HTTP requests. Now, the library takes care of running its stuff in its own Threads, so using AsyncTaskLoader together with the library seems not correct.

I cannot find any clues on how to integrate the Android Async HTTP library with Loaders, or, if I should drop the Loaders completely in favor of the library. If so, how would I make sure everything works fine upon configuration changes, which the Loaders are very good at?

I would be glad, if you could point out some blog entries on how to proberly use the library with Fragments containing Views.

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i was having same problem until i made my own http class request without android-async and you can execute more than 1 http request at the same time , is that what you are looking for ? if so ill share my class with u –  Jack K Fouani Nov 26 '13 at 19:01
I actually was trying to avoid writing my own fail safe http request code with retries and so on. Thanks anyways, but if the lib is not working out for me I'll stay with the loader. –  janoliver Nov 26 '13 at 20:11

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