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I have a textblock that when the user is selected from a drop down the following TextBlock displays the "Name" of the user. This works great!

<TextBlock Text="{Binding Name, Mode=OneWay}"/>

However, on another part of the screen I a TextBox:

<TextBox  x:Name="newName" Text="{Binding Name}">

Which is editable and contains the same data.

So right now when a User is selected both elements gets populated but I want to prevent the TextBlock from being updated when the TextBox is updated.

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Why don't you just leave the Mode=OneWay in the TextBox binding? –  HighCore Nov 26 '13 at 21:33
Sounds like it would be better to keep this logic in the view-model. Have an "InitialName" property, and bind the TextBlock to that. –  McGarnagle Nov 26 '13 at 21:47
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You could use "OneTime" binding mode on the textblock to get a snapshot of the data on init or context change.


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