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I have a dataframe where I would like to turn the data in the (first level of the) index into a column. Practically my df looks like this:

 AK   0     1
      1    31
      2   NaN 
 BB   0     5
      1    31
      2   NaN 

And I would like to turn it into this:

      col1  CoI

   0     1   AK
   1    31   AK
   2   NaN   AK
   0     5   BB
   1    31   BB
   2   NaN   BB

How can I best do this? I think this is a rather basic functionality, but as with many other "basic" pandas things I cannot find info on this anywhere.

Many Thanks,

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df.reset_index(level=0, inplace=True) should do it. See the docs here.

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