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Is there a way to use getters and setters for Vectors?

Say, in my Main class, I would like to write


and in another class, I have written:

public function get myVector():Vector.<int> {
     return _opponentCardList;

public function set myVector(myVector:Vector.<int>):void {
     _myVector = myVector;

This doesn't really work as you have to set _myVector to a Vector. But what if you just want to push(), pop() or splice?

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Your getter and setter use different variables - is that intentional?

If the getter/setter myVector is in a different class, you need an instance of that class in your Main class before you can access it from there.

//in the Main class.
var obj:OtherClass = new OtherClass();
//the constructor of OtherClass should initialize _myVector
//otherwise you will get a null pointer error (1009) in the following line
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