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I want to have a regex that reject string that contain any alphabets. But allow numbers like: 4, 4.5, 12.330 but not (multiple dots).

But why this regex of mine failed?

my $str1 = $ARGV[0] || "foo1";

if ($str1 =~ /^[\d+]|[^a-zA-Z]+|[\.]\d+$/) {
  print "This is strictly numeric: $str1\n";
else {
   print "This contain alphabet\n";

The input still pass first condition which I don't want.

Running example here:https://eval.in/73654

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if ($str1 =~ /^\d+(?:\.\d+)?$/) { ... }

If you want to allow also strings that ends with decimal separator with no followed digits, the go with

if ($str1 =~ /^\d+(?:\.\d*)?$/) { ... }
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I think you need parens around your ors:

if ( $str1 =~ /^([\d+]|[^a-zA-Z]+|[\.]\d+)$/ ) {


[^a-zA-Z]+ will match everything that \d+ or \.\d+ would.


you could write the first and last terms as simply \.?\d+

but really, that's not what you want since you also want 4.5 which would match against something like \d+\.?\d*

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Thanks how can I make it such that it match 3.5 but not 3.4.5, i.e we have to strict the number to contain one digit separator but not more. –  neversaint Nov 27 '13 at 1:45
Use the last pattern in my updated answer. [^a-zA-Z]+ will match too much. –  woolstar Nov 27 '13 at 1:46

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