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So i have been trying to make an arrow graphics on python 3. I am testing my arrow with this program here

from graphics import GraphicsWindow
from shapes import Rectangle, Arrow, Group

# Create the window.
win = GraphicsWindow()
canvas = win.canvas()

# Draw six arrows of different colors.
colors = ["red", "green", "blue", "yellow", "magenta", "cyan"]

arrow = Arrow(10, 150, 300, 150)

for i in range(6) :
   arrow.moveBy(10, 10)

# Draw two additional arrows.
arrow = Arrow(50, 350, 100, 300)

arrow = Arrow(200, 322, 150, 300)


From here i am trying to write my program. So far I have it so it makes lines, but cannot figure out how to make an arrow ex: -->

class Arrow(GeometricShape) :
   ## Constructs a line segment.
   #  @param x1 the x-coordinate of the starting point
   #  @param y1 the y-coordinate of the starting point
   #  @param x2 the x-coordinate of the ending point
   #  @param y2 the y-coordinate of the ending point
   def __init__(self, x1, y1, x2, y2) :
      super().__init__(min(x1, x2), min(y1, y2))
      self._startX = x1
      self._startY = y1
      self._endX = x2
      self._endY = y2

   ## Overrides the superclass method to draw the line on the canvas.     
   def draw(self, canvas) :
      canvas.drawLine(self._startX, self._startY, self._endX, self._endY, )

   ## Overrides the superclass method.
   def getWidth(self) :
      return abs(self._endX - self._startX)

   ## Overrides the superclass method.
   def getHeight(self) :
      return abs(self._endY - self._startY)

   ## Overrides the superclass method.
   def moveBy(self, dx, dy) :
      super().moveBy(dx, dy)
      self._startX = self._startX + dx
      self._startY = self._startY + dy
      self._endX = self._endX + dx
      self._endY = self._endY + dy

this is the code i have made to get lines but am confused how i could make a tip for the arrow now. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Try doing it with a pen on paper - you make the arrow head by adding some extra lines don't you - same here! –  Steve Barnes Nov 27 '13 at 4:37
The modules you're using are non-standard, so it's a little hard to tell. All you need to show the code for the base class GeometricShape since the derived class Arrow calls its draw() method. –  martineau Nov 27 '13 at 8:31

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