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This while loop is giving me trouble as it simply will not stop, I'm trying to update elem to eventually be larger then char by using an exponent i but that simply doesn't happen and was wondering if there were any solutions.

i = 0
char = 20
elem = 2
while elem < char:
    i += 1
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elem and char are never changing in your loop, so elem < char is always true. So the loop is infinite. elim**i doesn't change the value of elim. –  lurker Nov 27 '13 at 4:06
Also, the first pass through, elem is raised to the 0 power. Even if you assigned the value to elem, it would become 1, and subsequent iterations would raise 1^i, which would never exceed 1 for any positive value of i. –  JosephStyons Nov 27 '13 at 4:08
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The problem is that you are not changing the value of elem, you are just repeatedly calculating elem**i, so when you compare elem to char it is always the same result. The simplest solution is to compare elem**i to char.

You probably meant:

while elem**i < char:
    i += 1
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You are multiplying to a variable with zero value

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