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I want to play video in MPMoviePlayerViewController, it works fine and plays video but problem is that it does not show done button unless i switch to the full screen mode. It should automatically show player along with done button as shown in attached screen.enter image description here

here is the code:

   mp = [[MPMoviePlayerViewController alloc] initWithContentURL:myURL];
    [[mp moviePlayer] prepareToPlay];
    [[mp moviePlayer] setUseApplicationAudioSession:NO];
    [[mp moviePlayer] setShouldAutoplay:YES];
    [[mp moviePlayer] setControlStyle:2];
    [self presentMoviePlayerViewControllerAnimated:mp];
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Done button will be visible only when video is played in full screen mode. So, either you need to play the video in full screen mode using the following code:

player.moviePlayer.fullscreen = YES;

Or you need to customise the control to add your own Done button.

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got it works but when video is complete the player close automatically i want that when video is complete player should not close automatically but should close on done click –  Aijaz Ali Nov 27 '13 at 4:27
Put some more code, where you got the notification when video is played successfully. And please accept the above answer if you satisfied. –  Vinay Jain Nov 27 '13 at 4:30

Done button visible you set the ControlStyle.

[player.moviePlayer setControlStyle:MPMovieControlStyleFullscreen];
[player.moviePlayer setFullscreen:NO animated:YES];
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