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I am using ajaxForm function to submit my form that has nicEdit html editor as well but when I tried to submit the form for the first time the content of the nicEdit is not included... Is there a way that I can intercept the data submitted so I can edit the form data? or maybe add values to the form-data before it actually gets submitted? something like...

var options = { type: 'blahblah', success: blahblah, beforeSerialize: alterData } $('bla').ajaxForm(options)

function alterData(formdata){ // like adding a data here formdata['newdata'] = im a new data! // then return the new form data for submit return formdata; }

is there something similar to this? Appreciate all the help...

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Well I figured it out just an hour ago after posting this, so if anyone has the same problem here is the solution:

there really is a beforeSerialize option!

beforeSerialize: alterData

function alterData(formData,options){
  var nicEdit_content = nicEditors.findEditor('id_of_textarea').getContent();
  return true; // Return true to go back to  normal processing!

it works for me! You can probably do the same with other online html editors such as fckeditor,tinymce blah blah..

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you can use this... I've already tried and it works.. :)

for example for file upload, i replace addForm function...

 nicURI : 'upload-foto.php', <!-- for upload, just echo for response file path -->

 addForm : function() {

 var formHTML = '<div id="pageForm"><form method="post" action="'+this.uri+'"><div style="font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; padding-top: 5px;">Insert an Image</div><input id="upload_foto" name="upload_foto" type="file" style="margin-top: 10px;" /></form></div><div id="pageLoad" style="display: none;"><img src="http://files.nicedit.com/ajax-loader.gif" style="float: right; margin-right: 40px;" /><strong>Uploading...</strong><br />Please wait</div>';

 var goo = this;

 $(function() { 


   $(this).find('#forUpload').find('#upload_foto').change(function(data) { 

     var thiP = $(this);

     $(this).parents('form').ajaxForm(function(data) { 

        var tmp = data;
        goo.im = goo.findElm('IMG','src',tmp);



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