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I am converting my image into Base64 on the android client

What i have tried ::

  • I googled for Base64 here
  • But i couldn't understand it much clearly

My Questions::

  • Base64 is this a image format like JPG & PNG ?
  • Or Base64 is just a encoding/decoding scheme ?
  • If Base64 is just a encoding/decoding scheme, what format the image will be when JPG is Base64 encoded. i mean will it it be JPG format still and just encoded as Base64 ?
  • What relationship exists between Base64,JPG,PNG ?

  • Also if the strings are Base64 encoded what format should we need to decode it to be human readable

Hope i am clear with my question

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Base64 is a encoding/decoding scheme as stated in your link.
You can convert Bytes into Base64 String representation, this allows you to Save e.g. an Image as a (Base64) String.
The Format of the Data doesn´t matter at all (you can convert jpg, png, gif...), this means you encode Bytes to a String and then if you decode this String you get exactly the same Bytes as before (same format).

A workflow would be:

  • Create an Image
  • Save Image as JPG
  • Encode JPG Image as Base64 String
  • Stream the String over some Network
  • Decode Image from Base64 String on the receiver side
  • show Image

Why do we encode at all? Because Strings are easier to use in HTML, Email and so on.

Example: This is an Example of Base64 Encoding and Decoding using Python. It loads an Image, Encodes it, Decodes it and than saves the Data as an Image.

import base64

# load image and encode
jpgBase64String = base64.encodestring(open("test.jpg", "rb").read())

# work with jpgBase64String (e.g. send over Network)

# decode
image = base64.decodestring(newjpgtxt))

# write to File
f = open("test2.jpg", "w")
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[+1] for good information ..... So, Base64 string can be of format jpg,png gif ..etc ? ..... So if we encode a jpg image into Base-64 format ... what should we decode it back to ? .... similarly for string(text-data) ? .... can you add more details on this to your answer ! –  smriti3 Nov 27 '13 at 9:05
It is already in the Answer: "The Format of the Data doesn´t matter at all".To clarify: You encode Bytes to a String. If you decode them you get exactly the same Bytes as before (same format). –  Mailerdaimon Nov 27 '13 at 9:16
I added Example Code to further clarify the use of base64 –  Mailerdaimon Nov 27 '13 at 9:24

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