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I am trying to add color to a unicode character and it is working but there are other lines being colored that shouldnt exist when the zero is printed.

Just a point in the right direction would be helpful

SCRIPT below


function zero () {


        #tput cup $r $c

        #echo -ne '\u2500\u2500'

        #echo -e "\e[0;32mThe\e[0m"

    #top bar

    tput cup $((r+1)) $((c+3))

        echo -ne "\e[0;32m'\u2500\u2500\u2500'\e[0m"

    #left upper bar

        tput cup $((r+2)) $((c+2))

        echo -ne "\e[0;32m'\u2502'\e[0m"    

    #middle bar

        #tput cup $((r+3)) $((c+3))

        #echo -ne "\e[0;32m'\u2500\u2500\u2500'

    #top right bar

        tput cup $((r+2)) $((c+6))

        echo -ne "\e[0;32m'\u2502'\e[0m"

        tput cup $((r+4)) $((c+6))

    #  bottom left bar     

    echo -ne "\e[0;32m'\u2502'\e[0m" 

        tput cup $((r+4)) $((c+2)) 

    # bottom right bar

        echo -ne "\e[0;32m'\u2502'\e[0m" 

        tput cup $((r+5)) $((c+3))

        #bottom bar

    echo -ne "\e[0;32m'\u2500\u2500\u2500'\e[0m"


zero 5 5

tput cup 0 0
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