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I am using apt-maven-plugin to process some Beehive Netui annotations before building a war.

The output of the apt processing is a _pageflow directory which contains struts config files (xml text) and the like. The problem is that it is being output in whatever directory I run maven from, not in the ${project.build.directory}/classes directory which is what I want. I tried setting the outputDirectory and the resourceTargetPath properties, but neither changed this behavior.

Is there another parameter to set that I'm missing?

Here's my current plugin configuration.

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Your problem really looks like MOJO-1478 (are you using a Mac)? Maybe have a look at the patch (and reopen the issue or create a new one).

PS: Don't you have to configure a factory? I don't get how the beehive-netui-compiler dependency is used here. Is the factory magically picked up from that dependency just because you specified it?

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Yes, the factory is automagically picked up from the dependency. I'm using cygwin on Win XP, but that does look a lot like the bug report. Thanks. –  Ryan Ahearn Jan 8 '10 at 15:38
And yes, that patch fixed my issue. –  Ryan Ahearn Jan 8 '10 at 16:50

i have same problem with apt-maven-plugin outputDirectory is ignored in mine maven project default value (plugin documentation) (${project.build.directory}/classes) is ignored too. source are generated in root of my project instead of the requested outputDirectory...

for your PS :

if factory is not specified in plugin configuration, it use standard sun feature, create following text file in your src/main/resources folder :


this file have to contain the full class name of the factory, apt command use it


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