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I am using EntityFramework. I have an "Application" object (which has a field certificateReasonID) which can have one or zero CertificateReasons - so there is a ralationship to the "CertificateReason" table, and visiually on the edmx diagram we do not see the certificateReasonTypeID field.

When I update an Application - it INSERTS a new CertificateReason and UPDATES Application.certificateReasonTypeID to the new ID - instead of updatig Application.certificateReasonTypeID to the selected ID.

The CertificateReason object is in an added state(technically correct). The aspx code is

<%foreach (var certReason in Model.CertificateReasons)                  
                  { %>
                        <%= Html.RadioButton("",>
                        <!-- only because it is adding when it shouldn't -we have to set the other non null values(i.e. not id) in the object else it will fail when it tries to save-->
                          <input type="hidden" value="<%= certReason.meaning %>" name="CertificateReason.meaning"/>
                            <input type="hidden" value="<%= certReason.effectiveFrom %>" name="CertificateReason.effectiveFrom"/>
                            <input type="hidden" value="<%= certReason.createdWhen %>" name="CertificateReason.createdWhen"/>
                        <label for="certificateReasonTypeID<%=certReason.meaning%>"><%=certReason.meaning%></label>

The update code is

 public ActionResult Edit(int id, FormCollection collection, ApplicationViewModel model)
     var appToUpdate = OMF.Application.First(m => == id);
     UpdateModel(movieToUpdate, collection.ToValueProvider()); 
     if (ModelState.IsValid)

          OMF.ApplyPropertyChanges(movieToUpdate.EntityKey.EntitySetName, appToUpdate );


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answer was to pass the Application model into the Edit post - had to put a hidden field on form for the object to be filled correctly) and ensure I was getting the Application objetc not a var. Can't use the ModelState.IsValid as always false, but correctly updates not inserts. Other point was had to do an .Include("CertificateReasons") on the get.

public ActionResult Edit(Application app, FormCollection collection) {

        Application movieToEdit = OMF.GetApplication(;           
        if(app.CertificateReason != null)
            movieToEdit.CertificateReason = OMF.CertificateReason.First(d => ==;

        //if (ModelState.IsValid) --can't use this
       // {
       // }
        return RedirectToAction("Edit",;

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