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I use java symmetric key encryption for encryption and decryption, key used for this is stored in java keystore and now I have to decrypt the content on .net and to decrypt the content I requires the key store in key store.

I am new to .net so can anybody help me out how can I retrive key from java keystore in .net.


  1. Generate secret key and store in JAVA Keystore.
  2. encrypt data using this key and send to the .net application.


  1. have the access of same keystore.
  2. Retrive key from keystore.(This is the onlt part which I don't have any clue how to achive this)
  3. decrypt data using this key.
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I have done with java encryptio decryption task and store symmetric key to keystore and not share that code because that works fine. But don't know how to retrive the same key from keystore in .net. and for that I don't have any clue and not find any relevent thing so for that I have nothing to share. So @Damodaran please tell me what to share. –  Ashish Aggarwal Nov 27 '13 at 7:00
@Downvoter. Please comment –  Ashish Aggarwal Jan 6 at 3:30
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1 Answer

I suppose you cannot retrieve it. If you could, this secret key would not be very secret. Right? If your .NET application can retrieve it, why should not another application do the same?

I would kindly suggest to change your design of sending encrypted data. The simplest you could do, is consider this secret key as fixed and known by the two applications communicating. This way, you would not have to retrieve it, but you would have to hard code it into your applications.

Hope I helped!

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To retive key from keystore I need a password. So only those who knew the password can retrive it. In my design secret key is fixed but don't want to store in plain text file so stored in keystore which is protected by password. But in java I am able to retrive it and in .net i have no clue how can I get key from java keystore –  Ashish Aggarwal Nov 27 '13 at 7:03
I didn't suggested to store the password to a text file. I told you to keep it fixed and use it directly in the code of the application. You already do use a password. Right? Use the key directly, what is the difference? –  Pantelis Natsiavas Nov 27 '13 at 7:08
I am not storing key in text file it is in keystore. –  Ashish Aggarwal Nov 27 '13 at 7:11
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