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I am trying to begin writing unit tests for my angular application and hit a stopping block pretty quick as I am unsure of how exactly to mock my service in a testable way. My service is as follows: var services = angular.module('myApp', ['ngResource']);

 services.factory('LogonFactory', function ($resource, $http) {
        return $resource('/servicemen/logon/', {}, {
            login: {
                method: 'POST'

My test consists thus far of:

describe('Logon', function () {
    var mockUserResource, $httpBackend;

    beforeEach(function () {
        angular.mock.inject(function ($injector) {
            $httpBackend = $injector.get('$httpBackend');
            mockLoginResource = $injector.get('login');

    describe('login', function () {
        it('should call login function', inject(function (User) {
                username: 'test'

            var result = mockLoginResource.login();


Also I am getting error No flush !!! Thanks in advance.

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Consider changing line 8 to mockLoginResource = $injector.get('LogonFactory');

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