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Can someone explain this to me, In IBM info center, they mentioned that “WebSphere Application Server supports IdP initiated SAML web SSO only”. I have two J2EE applications, deployed on two different instances of WAS v8.5, these applications use form based authentication mechanism to authenticate users. And I want to configure SAML SSO between them, where I will use an external identity provider and I will configure each WAS instance to act as a service provider, dose the above statement means that I cannot implement SAML SOO since the authentication will be held at the service providers, if not would anyone please explain me the above statement?

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In SAML version 1, the user always started at the Idp, and then followed a link to the Sp. The login was initiated at the Idp.

With SAML version 2, the AuthnRequest message was added to the protocol, which enables the user to start at the Sp. Then the Sp issues an AuthnRequest message to the Idp and the Idp replies with a Response message containing the assertions.

It looks like WAS only supports the first scenario, which means that Sp-initiated auto-login is not possible. However you can always provide a link on the Sp start page to the Idp for manual login.

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