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I am new to R and want to ask a question on one example in xlsx.pdf.


## Not run:
file <- system.file("tests", "test_import.xlsx", package = "xlsx")
wb <- loadWorkbook(file)
sheets <- getSheets(wb)
sheet <- sheets[["all"]]
res <- readRows(sheet, startRow=3, endRow=7, startColumn=3, endColumn=10)
## End(Not run)


 > sheet <- sheets[["all"]]
 Error in sheets[["all"]] : subscript out of bounds

I dont know why ,and I just guessed the intention of the writer and replaced it with

> sheet <- sheets[9]
> sheet
[1] "all"
> res <- readRows(sheet, startRow=3, endRow=7, startColumn=3, endColumn=10)

Error in sheet$getRow : $ operator is invalid for atomic vectors

with no lunk, is there anyone please point out the problem with my doing? Thank you in advance!!

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Cannot reproduce this. Both examples work for me.... Have you inspected your sheets object str(sheets)? –  EDi Nov 27 '13 at 11:15
Thanks EDi! Now it works for me as well:) –  Bylon Nov 27 '13 at 13:53

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