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Is there any way I can set a fixed height for a block regardless of the content within it? I have a block which sometimes displays some text but sometimes it needs to be empty and keep the same height:

    <xsl:when test="$condition">
       <fo:block height="30mm">
       <fo:block height="30mm">
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Did you specify any other formatting (e.g. line-height, font-size, space-after...) on this block? Or else, could it have inherited properties from a superordinate element? –  Mathias Müller Dec 3 '13 at 12:44

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The height attribute does not apply to fo:block. To keep a fixed height, wrap the fo:block in a fo:block-container:

<fo:block-container height="30mm">
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in place of empty text, you may pass .(dot) here. then height will remain and dot will ot displayed.its not proper solution but you may refer it.

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I think you are looking for fo:leader, as mentioned in this stackoverflow QA:

XSL-FO - Empty block elements


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