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We are using php to generate PDF on server. Can you please help me to understand, how to give facility to user to view PDF online (something like feature of Gmail) ?

Any reference document will be of great help.

enter image description here

In this figure, if I click on PDF icon / anywhere outside two buttons to download / recycle ; I can view pdf with lighbox effect in the background. If I click on Download , pdf get's downloaded on the client machine.

Is there any way to achieve similar effect?

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Have you tried this solution or it's not enough? https://docs.google.com/viewer

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Thank You riddl3m, I'm looking for solution something like PDF attachment in Gmail. Normally I'm able to view pdfs, which directly gets downloaded on client browser. –  Pawan Mude Nov 27 '13 at 9:17
I'm looking for a similar solution as well. I've never found anything better than Gmail on viewing attachments. Lets expect someone out there may enlight us! –  Fernando Vieira Sep 26 at 17:42

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