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I have installed on Win7 portable Python and Django 1.6.

I followed the first polls tutorial instructions and got an error in the migrate stage:

python manage.py migrate :

C:\Natan\Dev\Portable Python\App\Scripts\mysite>..\..\python.exe manage.py migrate
Unknown command: 'migrate'
Type 'manage.py help' for usage.

Any idea?

Best regards, Natan Bensoussan

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Its because you are following development documentation(Which is Django 1.7), you need to follow Django 1.6 documentation (you can find it from the bottom right of the page.) –  Mutant Jan 10 at 3:41

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If you've installed 1.6, you should use the 1.6 tutorial, not the one for the development version.

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I run into the same, and your answer is correct, it does mention in the documentation that migrate is part of native command in 1.7 not before that. –  Mutant Jan 10 at 3:40
YES! I was just running here to say that. –  R Claven Mar 5 at 3:54

Migrate will be a native command in 1.7 (which is the version you read the tutorial pages from).

For older versions, you'll have to install the third party app"South".

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First Step, Install South:

pip install south

Second Step, Add South to INSTALLED APPS in settings

INSTALLED_APPS = ( ..., 'south' )

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thanks, I forgot to add it to installed apps ^^, coffee time. –  GabLeRoux May 25 at 10:09
You're welcome. I had the same problem XD –  Mike Bolívar Jun 2 at 18:21

You must install South to add migrate command.

pip install south

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This is likely caused largely by following the 1.7 (DEV version!) tutorial when we all get the last stable version (1.6!) installed by pip.

It would not appear migrate is even a part of 1.7 in general! Will:

python manage.py syncdb

Solve your problems?

So pls either follow the tutorial for the last stable version of django: https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/1.6/intro/tutorial01/

Or follow the instructions to install the dev version of Django.

Dear Django team, You guys are awesome. The JS developer is very impressed. But PLEASE resolve the discrepancy above. Maybe default to 1.6 docs and put in red letters: Dev version here?

Thank you.

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python manage.py syncdb solved the problem for me. –  alienCoder Apr 1 at 8:51

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