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I was having problems with a Ruby process that was running wild.

What are the best ways to inspect such a process for debugging purposes?

I found a nice article about using GDB to inspect it.

What are you using for this purpose, do you have any good resources to read?

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Try rbtrace ? github.com/tmm1/rbtrace –  Thong Kuah Feb 15 at 8:42

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Perhaps a good way is beginning by the Tracer lib

use it with

ruby -rtracer 

or strace

on Linux with -f flag, to following forks


on BSD with the same flag

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Haven't tried this, but saw this new library yesterday get_process_mem.

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I would suggest strace. Here is a recent useful article I found by Chad Fowler.

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If you are interested in current_process_memory_size you can implement method #memstats (thanks to Avdi Grimm and his rubytapas lessons).

require 'csv'

def memstats
  size = `ps -o size= #{$$}`.strip.to_i
  p "Size: #{size}"

memstats                        # => "Size: 5168"
CSV.open('simple.csv', headers: true) do |csv|
  visitors = csv.each           
  memstats                      # => "Size: 5170"
  p visitors.count{|v| v} # => 168

memstats                        # => "Size: 5168"

$$ is a special variable in ruby, which allows you to get a numeric process ID of the current process

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