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I have a pdf file of 10 pages , and I want to merge every two pages of it into a single page , like 1,2->1 : 3,4->2 : and so on ... I learnt about Ghostscript but these are the tools for compressing the .pdf , also there are utilities to merge two or more pdf s together into one,but I unfortunately could not find any to merge pages in the same pdf . Kindly help !

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Installing pdfjam adds a command called pdfjoin that can be used to join multiple PDF files into one. If your distribution doesn't come with pdfjam, you could also try pdftk.

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pdfjam also includes pdfnup, which is probably more appropriate to the OP's question. pdfjoin is for joining multiple PDF files into a single file, not for reducing and combining pages... –  twalberg Nov 27 '13 at 15:30
Exacty @twaberg , it's pdfnup that does that!..but essentially what is does is it just merges 2 pages into one,,and i am clueness on adjusting their ratios in that new page . As in, I want to stamp the Even page to the end of its previous page ! such that the stamped page only occupies a smaller chunk of the new formed page –  user3040487 Nov 28 '13 at 5:40
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You can do this with cpdf.

cpdf -twoup in.pdf -o out.pdf
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Hey!..yeah this seems promising, but I am clueness on how to run this on Debian Linx , No makefile in their repo provided , also it's just not opening with Wine god know why !! –  user3040487 Nov 28 '13 at 5:41
plus it's under "a special not-for-commercial-use license" (github.com/coherentgraphics/cpdf-binaries/blob/master/LICENSE) -- for applications like this that are handled well by open source tools I don't see a point in investing in cpdf - not sure if it has an edge in some special use case though –  ndemou Apr 25 at 10:06
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pdfunite is part of the poppler package

pdfunite 01.pdf 02.pdf 03.pdf out.pdf
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No!that is needed if one wants to combine 2 or more pdfs into a single pdf file . –  user3040487 Nov 28 '13 at 5:40
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You can do this with pdftk

    pdftk test.pdf test1.pdf cat output output.pdf
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