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I want to have a classification table for logistic regression using lrm function in rms package and then plot the roc curve.I have perfomed this using glm function.Example code

train<-sample(dim(data)[1],.8*dim(data)[1]) #80-20 training/test
fit<-glm(Target ~ ., data=datatrain,family=binomial()) #Target is 0/1 variable
ROC <- roc(Target==1 ~ prob, data = datatest)

How to get the confusion matrix using lrm function?

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The lrm function returns a fit object that inherits from the glm-class. That is not explicitly stated in the lrm help page, but it's easy enough to verify. After running the setup code in the first example on the ?lrm page

> f <- lrm(ch ~ age)
> class(f)
[1] "lrm" "rms" "glm"

So you should be able to use the ordinary predict method you were using above. Prof Harrell advises against using split-sample validation and the use of ROC curves for model comparison. He provides mechanisms for better methods in his package.

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