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Is there an idea of a while loop in Camel? We are using Camel for doing batch processing (not really the remit of an ESB I know). I want to keep checking on the status of something else whilst I am processing messages in the ESB. I can only find a loop that loops for a defined number of times, i.e. for testing or a quartz timer that will check every x seconds. Neither of these are really suitable.

Any suggestions, or am I asking for something simply outside of the remit of an ESB?

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What about doing something like this:

<camelContext id="myContext">
    <route id ="initializer">
        <!--This will be created only once -->
        <from uri="timer://foo?repeatCount=1"/>
        <to uri="seda:mySedaQueue"/>

    <route id ="myRoute">
        <from uri="seda:mySedaQueue"/>
                <simple>{your condition if you want to continue}</simple>
                <to uri="seda:mySedaQueue" />
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How about the camel timer:?



Reference: Camel Timer Component

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