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The problem. I have two tables 1. original, and 2. new. Both have the exact same columns (25 columns each). Both have an PK called ID. I need to be able to compare the two tables, to find
1. number of changes pr row 2. the specific column which has been changed from orginal to new.

To do this I thought it would be best to create a new table (Column_lookup), containing three columns: Column_name, original_value, new_value. The purpose is to be able to quickly identify the changes through comparison.

I have tried the following, but it does not work. Any hints/help is very much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

SELECT [Column name]
FROM (FROM [DataOutput_org] Q2 
INNER JOIN [DataOutput_new] Q4 ON Q2.ID = Q4.ID), [column_lookup] l
    SELECT org =
        WHEN l.[Column name] = 'Pos' THEN org.[Pos]
        WHEN l.[Column name] = 'Candidate name' THEN org.[Candidate name]
        WHEN l.[Column name] = 'Remarks' THEN org.[Remarks]
) AS [Q2 Value]
    SELECT new =
        WHEN l.[Column name] = 'Pos' THEN new.[Pos]
        WHEN l.[Column name] = 'Candidate name' THEN new.[Candidate name]
        WHEN l.[Column name] = 'Remarks' THEN org.[Remarks]
) AS [Q4 Value]

I got a working script in Tableau, that I use for reference, but I cant figure out how to do the same in SQL

, l.[Column Name]
    IIF(l.[Column Name] = 'Pos',                            org.[Pos],
    IIF(l.[Column Name] = 'Remarks',                                        org.[Remarks],
    IIF(l.[Column Name] = 'Candidate name',                                     org.[Candidate name],
    )))) AS [Q2 Value]
    IIF(l.[Column Name] = 'Pos',                            new.[Pos],
    IIF(l.[Column Name] = 'Remarks',                                                new.[Remarks],
    IIF(l.[Column Name] = 'Candidate name',                                     new.[Candidate name],
    )))) AS [Q4 Value]
FROM ([DataOutput_org] org 
INNER JOIN [DataOutput_new] new ON org.ID = new.ID), [Column_lookup] l
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